The Amazon Australia Play

Whilst everyone waits for Amazon to open its online shop, here in Australia, media folk should be planning for what this means for our industry. In America, Amazon have already gained majorly on the likes of Google for industry dominance. Amazon’s DSP is well liked by marketers and agencies alike, putting it on a par with Doubleclick Bid Manger, for adoption. And why wouldn’t it be? It’s self service (as well) and allows you to target an audience based on their actual customer/prospect shopping history data, which beats contextual relevancy every day of the week. Campaigns have performed better as a result. In the States, it’s come a long way in the past year, and once we have enough historical Amazon customer data built, their information will highly valuable for trading. And only this week, Amazon announced their desire to get a greater chunk of the video ecosystem – the trending medium/channel today. It’s cloud division, AWS, released a suite of tools called AWS Elemental Media Services, designed to help live and on-demand video content providers manage workflow. This starts to bleed beyond the realm of social (video) publishers and video platforms (e.g. YouTube). Amazon clearly are going after everything, as is their MO with everything else they do, and they generally succeed. All advertisers need to make sure they have: a solid and agreed customer strategy; data governance; updated CX models; and a tech/data stack that enables them to fulfil the personalisation of their ‘ideal state’ customer journey. We should also get on the front foot and start to think about how we might work with Amazon.