Noble Five consult, create and execute on digital strategies. We work directly with advertisers on specific digital media and marketing projects, or assess where they are at and help from the ground up. This means we would do a 5 day audit of your where your data marketing maturity lies, with a high level marketing technology and data strategy solution architecture. Equally, we help agencies and consultancies fill the gap that may exist in fulfilling their clients' needs. Below, are some of the core service offerings, but please contact us if you have queries that sit outside the listed topics.

Audit & Unify

Every company has a raft of client information that reside within different systems. We can help to identify where your customer data sits; cleanse; and match it. Once we know who your audience is; we map their customer journey for you. Project-based examples of the offering are:

- Data mapping

- Data audit

- Asset mapping

- Develop a 360 view of customer (i.e. Single Customer View)

- Marketing and advertising technology (i.e. Madtech) stack audit

- Audience profile data enrichment (i.e. 2nd & 3rd party data application)

- Security & Data governance

- Data marketing strategy


House & Action

Having somewhere to house your customer information and segment them, for targeted messaging, is essential. IT departments might look to an MDM, CDW, IDW, or EDW. However, these technologies do not allow for an actionable Single Customer View. In other words, they don't have API connections to platforms that can actually push, the message out, unlike a DMP. Below, are a list of projects to 'House & Action' your data:

- Marketing SCV (i.e. often a DMP, but not always needed)

- IT SCV (i.e. MDM, CDW, IDW, EDW)

- Programmatic media strategy (whether in-housing or improving current efficiency)

- Data monetisation (i.e. data for own marketing, or as an additional revenue stream)

- Paid Media: strategy, build, and execution of paid media channels (such as Paid Search)

- Owned Media: content creation - from infographics to Display ads. And SEO services

- Earned Media: content syndication

- Marketing automation


Analysis & Insights

The ability to understand and interpret the data in a meaningful way to the business, will help to set your ongoing strategy and serive greater efficiency from current activity. Below, are examples of projects that will help you to drive the insights you need:

- Data visualisation

- Data analysis

- Predictive modelling

- Digital infrastructure & process review (i.e. team and data governance set up)

- Attribution

- Customer journey mapping