Managed Service Campaigns

Noble Five provides management services to brands and agencies for always-on media activity and planned campaigns.

Our managed service unit delivers:

  • Strategy – Data driven audience specialists (incl. exclusive access to 2nd party sources)
  • Planning – Programmatic direct publisher deals (incl. Customer match, moment sync and private market)
  • Creative – Dynamic ad experiences (incl. Asset production, platform configurations & sequenced delivery)
  • Media – Cross channel activations (incl. Search, Social, Shopping, Video & Display powered by AdWords, Facebook & DoubleClick)
  • Reports – Live automated dashboards (incl. KPI metrics, audience drilldowns & strategic analyst insights)


Managed service campaigns by Noble Five are available to three types of customer:

  • Brands – On-demand campaign experience to assess the market opportunity for a programmatic solutions partnership.
  • Co-Operatives – Mutual trading unit for strategic data partnerships, promotional activations and key event launches.
  • Agencies – Tailored ‘powered by N5’ packages for media channel specialists and full service capabilities.

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