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It BEGAN when...

Chris Dutton started as the first Paid Search employee for WPP's Outrider, some 14 years ago. Having built large, Paid Search award-winning teams for Tier 1 clients, Chris progressed into other areas. As Head of Technology, created one of the first 'Trading Desks' and Facebook teams, amongst other things. Moving to Australia 6 years ago, he took on a broader role as a Digital Director helping clients with their digital and omni-channel strategies, helping clients from a macro level, by sitting on things like WiFi and Videos committees. And also helping from a micro level.

Chris has vast experience on the agency side, but also has worked on the publisher side (Google), and more recently on the consultancy side (Oakton). It's this experience which has given him unique insight into the organisational challenges and opportunities that clients face, and the evolving landscape. As consultancies, agencies, and vendors vie for custodianship of the clients' data (and thereby media spend), clients are searching for solid, unbiased, expert advice to help them in their journey through digital maturity. Often IT and Marketing teams strive for the same things but have a very different understanding of technology capability and messaging strategy. The same thing is true in the difference between consultancies and agencies. For instance, an agency might look to a DMP (Data Management Platform) for managing Single Customer View, whilst consultancies would traditionally have liaised with clients' IT departments about setting up a cMDM (Customer Master Data Management) platform for this same thing. Chris is fluent in the languages of IT & Marketing and is uniquely positioned to help clients' meet their end goals.

Chris also has a prominent voice in market and enjoys sharing his passion for digital. He regularly speaker at AdTech events, on Paid Owned and Earned media execution. Has hosted a panel on the Future of Social at a Mashable event. And teaches and presents at General Assembly.